Pied Piper

Date of event: 27 Jun 2021 Event start time: 2:00pm - Event end time: 3:00pm

Venue Address: Squire Performing Arts Centre, 9 Arboretum Street, Nottingham, NG1 4JB

Age range: Suitable for ages 3-7

Female theatre performer operating wooden Pied Piper puppet

Norwich Puppet Theatre present their popular performance of Pied Piper, a puppet play for the whole family to enjoy.

This performance features beautiful crafted puppets that portray the characters in an entertaining and mesmerising way.

Female theatre performer operating mouse finger puppet

When the Pied Piper plays his flute the rats run, the greedy mayor rubs his hands and the children dance.

Norwich Puppet Theatre’s humorous and irresistible one person show combines a skilful mix of puppetry, foot-tapping music and storytelling and will have audiences young and old entranced.


The Guardian

Every aspect of this show was of the highest quality, the story was well told, the actor was engaging and the puppets were wonderful.

Eve Stebbing, The Eastern Daily Press