‘What Happened to You?’

Date of event: 27 Jun 2021 Event start time: 12:00pm - Event end time: 12:40pm

Venue Address: Avenue C, Sneinton Market Avenues, Nottingham, NG1 1DQ

Age range: Suitable for all ages

Two puppeteers operating a puppet with Cerebral Palsy

A semi-autobiographical puppetry show which breaks the fundamental laws of traditional puppetry by featuring puppets that move as though they have Cerebral Palsy.

Puppeteer Nikki Charlesworth uses the Piedro boots and orthotics she wore as a child to develop the physicality of the puppets and brings them to life through a tapestry of stories inspired by real life accounts.

Follow these three raggedy puppets, and their puppeteers, try and get through the day as they encounter endless barriers and grow increasingly frustrated.

Watch them persevere and find creative ways to overcome their impassable surroundings, using humour to dissipate the mounting frustration. Each story explores our preconceptions about disability in a playful and humorous way, and showcases the endless opportunities out there once barriers, of all kinds, are removed. ‘What Happened to You?’ was developed with children in mind, and is enjoyable for the whole family.

The show will have creatively integrated BSL interpretation and Audio Description.


Please turn up 10 mins before the show starts. Print it out your ticket or bring it on your phone.

Accessible Flyers

Audio Flyer for the show