NoOne’s Land

Date of event: 11 Apr 2024 Event start time: 7:30pm - Event end time: 8:40pm

Venue Address: Lakeside Arts, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD

Age range: Suitable for ages 12+

Scarecrow puppet


45 minutes followed by 25 minute Q&A

A scarecrow stands, eternally spiked to the same spot and with no chance of escape. Until one day he opens his eyes, discovers the world and chooses to make his life better.  

Told through dark but heart-warming puppetry and visual effects, Noone’s Land is a tale of freedom, creativity and the wonders that can be found around each one of us. Merlin Puppet Theatre of Germany/Greece have toured the world with their critically acclaimed show Clowns Houses.