The tales I was told to tell

Date of event: 25 Jun 2021 Event start time: 6:30pm - Event end time: 7:15pm

Location: Online

Age range: Suitable for ages 4+

Presented by Pypedau Vagabondi Puppets, this storytelling puppet show will transport you to the snow covered hills of Siberia – a true life story of an encounter with a shaman, a sharing of stories and a promise. 

Playing with the small space on our screens, using the aching intimacy of storytelling and the soulful playfulness of puppets we learn about the swan goddess and her most ferocious protector, about the first fisher and his song and what all this a means to the reindeer.  

Female performer with puppet

With a live soundscape sculpted by musician Stephanie Finegan this will be a journey like no other beamed into your living room. 

This show was specially developed for an online audience during a international Virtual Puppet Residency with Tom Sarver. This opportunity during the lockdowns gave professional puppeteers the platform to share, support and develop work with their peers from all over the world.   

Pypedau Vagabondi Puppets are a Welsh company specialising in storytelling parades and engaging shows.