The Jam Makers

Date of event: 26 Jun 2021 Event start time: 12:00pm - Event end time: 12:15pm

Venue Address: Broadway Gallery, 17 Heathcoat Street, Nottingham, NG1 3AL

Age range: Suitable for ages 7+

Illustration of jam jars on a table

Presented by Megan Rose Illustration, The Jam Makers in an immersive installation featuring a 15mins animated film. Please arrive 5mins before the event starts. Only 5 people are allowed in at a time and we won’t be able to let you in once the film has started.

The jam arrived unexpectedly one day, and it was all anyone could talk about. But who had made it? Why were they sending it? How had they created such delicious jam? And what if, one day, it stopped arriving altogether?  

Picture a windy coastal village where lobster crates rattle and waves leap and crash against the black rocks. Nothing interesting has ever happened here – until now. Nothing is quite the same after the arrival of the jam, and there’s little hope things will ever be normal again.

Previously a picture book but now brought to life for the first time as a shadow puppet film, The Jam Makers is an exploration of humanity, consumerism and the nature of observation in modern society. All portrayed through the isolation of a small fishing village somewhere on the fringes of the British Isles, and the events that follow after some mysterious conserve is deposited on their doorsteps.