Film Screening

Child’s Play (15) with introduction from Mayhem Festival’s Steven Sheil and Chris Cooke

Date of event: 25 Jun 2021 Event start time: 9:00pm - Event end time: 10:30pm

Venue Address: Broadway, 14-18 Broad Street, Nottingham, NG1 3AL

Age range: Suitable for ages 18+

Young boy with a scary doll

Putting a menacing spin on the childhood idea that our toys are alive, Child’s Play is a character-based thriller with a particularly creepy dark streak and a rare protagonist who is barely out of nursery.

The film’s special effects, a mixture of animatronics, puppetry and human stand-ins, bring Chucky to vivid life, while Catherine Hicks and young Alex Vincent (in his acting debut) are always convincing as an endangered mother and son faced with an unthinkable terror.

With humour taking a backseat to good, old-fashioned suspense, and a sterling climax that raises the ante on the notion of an “unstoppable” killer, Child’s Play is an impressive horror highlight of the late-’80s film scene.

Mayhem Film Festival’s Steven Sheil and Chris Cooke will introduce this screening.