‘The Dancers’ by Ahau Marionetas

Date published: 29 Jul 2021

Posted by: Joe Pick

Marionette puppets sat at a table

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Presented online, this show is about two dancers and their crazy magic radio.

As the dancers perform to their traditional Portuguese music, the radio transports them around the world – to places including Brazil, Russia, Africa, Arabia. It is a fun story about traditional dance. The show has no verbal dialogue and is originally a street show.

About Ahau Marionetas

Born of the desire to know and explore the universe of puppets on Madeira Island in 2014, Ahau Marionetas purpose is to spread smiles, magic and a lot of joy to all spectators, through puppets and stories created from their imagination. Puppeteers Argenis and Merícia do everything from puppeteer, create, produce, direct, and build the puppets and sets.