Meet our Festival mascot

Date published: 22 Jan 2018

Posted by: Kate Learmouth

Maid Marionette makes an entrance at the Nottingham Puppet Festival Launch

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Maid Marionette, a handcrafted banraku-type puppet, has been unveiled as the mascot for Nottingham Puppet Festival.

Beautifully crafted by artist Alison Duddle, Maid Marionette takes inspiration from the legendary heroine, Maid Marion, and draws on the rich heritage of Nottingham.  Her clothes feature lace, referencing the Nottingham lacemaking, and an interior heart-box puppet stage with paper-cut puppets and scenery made from a 1920s map of Sherwood Forest and surrounding area.

A banraku-type puppet is one held by visible puppeteers – there are no offstage controls. Together with her puppeteers, Maid Marionette will be visiting Nottingham communities in the run up to the Festival encouraging people to get involved. She will also be out and about at the Festival in March too.

“I hope that Maid Marionette brings a moment of wonder to people’s day when they meet her,” commented Alison.

True to the legend, Maid Marionette also rides a horse although hers is of the wooden sort, constructed of found objects including a tea trolley.

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